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Egyptian Brazilian for Marble Export

is professional stone processing company located in Khatamyia, Cairo - Egypt, which is known for its rich Marble, Granite and limestone deposit.

Egyptian Brazilian for Marble Export – act

on the Egyptian stone processing tradition of "exquisite craftsmanship", establish the rigorous processing management system in our company, and operate state-of-the-art processing facilities & latest...

What We Do

Looking for good Product

After choosing your material, the sales representative will contact you to schedule the day when the templater can come.

To Many Ways for delivery

We offer a variety of granite and marble and you can see all the material available,our customer service department ready to guide

Show room for Products

Once the templater has measured your countertop, the layout comes to our fabrication department and the cutting phase takes place.

Our Work

Our ubiquitous market presence

Our products strike a presence in the villas and offices of the elite strata, as well as the eminent hotels, clubs, restaurants, bank, hospitals and other prestigious addresses frequented by them. Durable and weather resistant, natural stones are finding increasing applications in external use & interior decoration. Ranging from classic to contemporary, our accurate quality standards and spectacular selection of colors, textures and finishes shall bring imaginative designs back to life with the natural beauty, durability and elegance only we can provide.

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